Almond flower rebuttal, and my opinion

If you like the science of food/nutrition like I do, this is a fascinating, and well researched article. I eat a LOT of nuts and nut products, as do my daughters, so this is important. This is why I always say, (but not always DO) that you MUST have moderation in all things. Switch it up a bit. Coconut flour, hemp milk, flax seeds, walnuts, macadamia…….One of the biggest reasons that people get food allergies, and immune deficiencies aside from the fact that we live in a polluted world, is that we eat the somethings, from the same sources too often. We can go on for years this way, but once an illness hits, or stress becomes too great, the body can no longer fight on it’s own. It begins rejecting everything, especially the things that are too “common” in our diet. A friend of mine had a blood allergy test done this week, and she had, what I considered, the weirdest allergies. Things you would think one could never be allergic to. They happened to be the things that she ate every day. Enough of my rant. Read the article!

The Pros and Cons of Almond Flour: Rebuttal to “5 Reasons To Avoid Almond Flour”