The gift of sleep

I got on Facebook today and it told me that I had not posted on my “Wellness, Health and Hope” page in a long time and that my “audience” is missing me. Only a week that I’ve been “missing”. A lot going on in life. We all have busy lives, don’t we? Trying to get everything done, even when things are going along normally, is nearly impossible. Very few people have simplified enough, and are organized enough, to say everything is caught up. When life throws curveballs, it’s even more difficult. Add to that an auto immune disease, and the inability to say “no” to anything, and you put yourself in the fast lane to a crash. That’s where life is for me right now. Without going into all the details I will just say that we have had to move out of our home for awhile while some work needs to be done on it. We have been out of it for over 2 months now, and it will be about 2 more before we can be back in. The move out was very sudden, so it has thrown us into a life of hotels and friends homes. It’s very humbling, and very stressful. We have been very blessed with the kindness of others, but still it’s hard to “take”. One dear friend let us live in a beautiful home that they just bought. In fact, we have spent more time in their home then they have to date. Unbelievable! Some other precious friends just allowed us 4 nights in their remote river cabin. No phones, no internet, no TV and pouring rain the entire time. At first, I must admit, I was disappointed that it was raining. We had hikes and fly fishing planned. What in the world were we going to do for 4 days in the pouring rain? I’ll tell you what we did. I cooked healthy meals. We read books. I had boxes in the car of memorabilia that was “evacuated” with us, that I went through and learned all sorts of interesting family history. (Why had I never read all of this before?). What’s more important was the fact that I slept. I slept! That’s not something I do very much of. I read all the articles, by the medical experts. They all agree, if you have any kind of auto-immune disease, you need more sleep. Time to let your body heal. Sure, the right healthy food is vital, but sleep is crucial. The problem with me and sleep is that no matter how much I know I need it, I never feel like I have time. Remember that I always feel like there is so much I need to accomplish. So this weekend, I slept. This was a great gift. I hope that it can become a habit, but in all honesty, unless I can simplify life a bit, choose what’s really important, and clear away the rest, then it won’t happen. It, and I are works in progress.