Observations from the Playground

I am no longer at this stage of life, but I love her observations of parenting. Perhaps you will as well!

My Morning Elegance

You know when you take your kids to the park and you see a woman sitting on a bench staring off into space? Yeah, I’m that mom. Yeah… I just sit there and quietly judge other parents. Just kidding, of course…yet something I seriously LOVE about going to the park is people watching. Gosh, I just love observing how people interact with their children.

The other day I observed three kinds of parents…or three stages of parenting, if you will, on full display. It was quite entertaining at least to me… 😉

1. The First Time Parent: 
You can pick these lovely people out from the crowd by their constant, slightly worried expressions. They follow their toddling small person with a hunched back, waiting to catch the inevitable trip up. They dutifully rotate their child from play-structure to swing to kiddie slide all the while chanting phrases such as “OH, Teddy! Isn’t this…

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