Celebration of life

When a lover of Christ leaves this present life, their life is traded in for a new, and more glorious eternity in the presence of God almighty. This is why friends, and family refer to the gathering as a “Celebration of life”, instead of a funeral.

In the small community that I have called home for more than 21 years, we have had far too many “celebrations” for those who we feel as too young to be taken from this world, into the next.  So many young siblings, and parents left behind to try to grapple with the hole that has been left in their homes and hearts.   Of course most of them truly believe that their child/sibling/friend is in heaven, and for that they rejoice, but the pain is in the separation.

Today our community said their good byes to another sweet young woman.  A packed school gymnasium full of most of the community was there, “Celebrating” and yet missing their child.

I have reflected on this time, and the times previous, and I have wondered somethings about the church.  We as believers know that Christ died. We know that, HE too, is in heaven right now.  There are other similarities to the losses of those we no longer have among us..  There was HIS life here on earth.  The lives HE touched.  The people HE loved. The history and impact of life. There were those who felt empty when HE was  gone from their presence.  Of course,with Christ there was and is SO much more.   HE was resurrected, .  HE forgives our sins. HE gives life eternal, which is why our saved loved ones can be in the presence of GOD. HE IS GOD!

So, out of curiosity, if we truly believe all this, then why do we not pack the house each and every week to remember all HE has done for us, grieve for the things that were done to HIM, and for us, and CELEBRATE HIS life?